Dodgy Alert! AMD launches slower RX 560 with SAME NAME!

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Dodgy Alert! AMD launches slower RX 560 with SAME NAME!

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  • MrSookonn

    Same trick was intel xeon e3-1230 v2 was produced 4 core 8 threads for 4 months and then with the same name it became a 4 core 4 thread cpu. They all say that customer first but we saw with volkswagen example what they all think about customers.

  • Alex Williams

    Good catch, keep up the work; us users do appreciate it. I agree with the other comments, why not have just called it the RX550.

  • Josh

    I bought two a couple of months ago and was wondering why they were so bad. Not happy AMD.

  • Some one

    "£$%^&*( I just bought that graphics card for my pc...... How bad luck I am....

  • Henry Mellor

    good thing pcpartpicker has the option to filter both of them

  • Stygian Doll

    AMD has fucked up so badly recently.

  • A Max

    how is 2017 the year that amd gpu division forget when they released arguably the greatest mining gpu of all time and have sold out of every one even at massively inflated over rrp prices. that is every businesses dream come true!

  • Austen Tinsley

    man i just bought a 560d thinking i got a good deal. oh well i wonder if i can crossfire with my rx460?

  • Buff Barnaby

    I'm no AMD fan but NVIDIA did this by naming the 1060 3GB a's really not. The real 1060 is 6GB. 1060 3GB is more like a 1050Ti in performance.

  • dylan wilkes

    Noooooooo I'm a victim I got The power color onelol

  • Wapn Perfo

    This has been out in Japan as the RX560D for months... it is the partners who were suppose to explain that, as agreed, but they didn't. Not AMDs fault.

  • wakesake

    All AMD GPUs are total piece of shit right now CPUs on the other hand are great

  • Doc Lex

    yep i noticed that today, and the price is basically the same! there is for example xfx rx560 with 1024 stream units, 100Mhz faster clock, and also faster memory... and there is another xfx rx560 with 896 stream processors , slower clock and memory but roughly the SAME PRICE... can someone find out why the 2 models??? maybe slower one is for mining or so?

  • rck sh

    who the fvck still buy rx 560 in 2018?can't wait for volta or navi.

  • Barack Obama

    I was about to buy a really cheap rx 560 4gb and of course i thought naturally that it would have 1024 sp but I checked it and I finally saw why this rx 560 was so cheap it had 896 sp. thank you for making this video I was about to buy a rebranded rx 460.

  • mamailo2011

    The Radeon RX 560D was lanuched in JULY 2017, guys.You realy did not knew about it?, Really... for tech media specialist is kinda dispointing

  • Dwayne Stimpson

    AMD...Im SHOCKED!Damn I order one of Amazon, it better not be the 460.

  • esperCELL

    the moment they started earning back a little, they went dodgywhat a poop company AMD is!

  • Buff Barnaby

    Powercolor I would avoid at all costs.

  • Tyler Wilson

    This is great editing well done. Enjoyable video to watch.

  • Palaash Atri

    To bring out a point, I wish this comment stays at the top, and does not receive hate, Nvidia has done this stuff before too. Remember the 940MX? There actually exist 4 different versions of it. The DDR3 versions (2/4GB) have 384 CUDA cores, the 2GB GDDR5 has 384 CUDA cores, the 4GB GDDR5 also had 384 CUDA cores, but there exists a 4GB GDDR5 version with 512 CUDA cores (search for model no GM107-B) which I HAVE in my Acer laptop, and performs MUCH better than the other versions. Also, there exists the 940MX used in the Surface Book (identical performance to GM107-B version). So, stop hating on AMD people, Nvidia too has done this stuff.For the record, I can easily play GTA 5 at 900p Max settings (except AA, reflection MSAA and whatever, I just use FXAA) comfortably at 40 FPS with minor drops to 30. At 1080p and slightly lowered settings, 30 FPS is easily achievable.In fact, AC Syndicate is easily playable at 30 FPS at Max settings (except I use FXAA and SSAO) at 768p, which imo is VERY impressive considering how cheap my laptop was. The laptop is Aspire F15 F5-573G-56SH. So stop shitting on AMD alone.

  • Artas1984

    I never thought AMD would do "GTX260 core 216 or GTX560 Ti core 448", but in the worst way possible.

  • Michael Dilger

    Nividia Did a 1060 3gb and 6gb.....

  • MesMerWolf

    how big of a difference is the rx 560 with 14 vs 16 compute units?

  • noname-cv37

    Steve many thanks, I've on the strength of your video grabbed a v1 gigabyte oc gaming rx560, and liked the video and subscribed. Do you know of any thing like an evga power link to suite a v1 gigabyte rx 560

  • MrSookonn

    Nvidia sells gt 710 chips in 32bit and 64bit memory bus versions, many cards are not marked as 32bit.Asus is a leader in 32bit gt 710 market. What about that?

  • Hardware Unboxed

    Here is the official comment from AMD…“It’s correct that 14 Compute Unit (896 stream processors) and 16 Compute Unit (1024 stream processor) versions of the Radeon RX 560 are available. We introduced the 14CU version this summer to provide AIBs and the market with more RX 500 series options. It’s come to our attention that on certain AIB and etail websites there’s no clear delineation between the two variants. We’re taking immediate steps to remedy this: we’re working with all AIB and channel partners to make sure the product descriptions and names clarify the CU count, so that gamers and consumers know exactly what they’re buying. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused.”So AMD has sort of taken the blame while also placing some on the AIB partners which is a bit weak. It’s not their job to name AMDs’ products for them. They were already selling Radeon RX 560 1024 SPU cards. All etail websites I spoke with didn’t even realize the change had occurred. Anyway hopefully this is sorted and made clear to consumers shortly.

  • Techmania marko stojanovic

    Appreciate the work guys.for not been courupt..

  • Daniel Rosa

    Very well presented and nicely spoken ^^

  • esperCELL

    i'll take toothpaste over reduced stream processors anyway

  • Mr Rman

    Like the 1030...gddr5 ...gddr4

  • Victor Gonza

    Mr unboxed I like your channel so far , I just subscribed ..

  • Crash UK

    forgot this. I got a used amd r9 290 £110 off ebay and its 100% faster then the rx560. r9 290 does use a lot of power but I am gaming not mineing

  • The Crazy Old Coot

    Like the Nvidia 1060 6GB and the 1060 3GB cards are not the same card with different amount of memory, but no one screams about that fraud that's been going on for over a year.

  • I have a bad grammar but

    It has freesync dumbass. The fps lowers becouse it has to sync with the display but gives smoother and better display with no misplaced lines

  • MyNameIsNot David

    I bought the new 560. It sux. Wish I'd seen this before.

  • Salty Gamer

    Given the price bracket I'd say go for 1050/1060

  • H

    Thanks for looking out fam

  • Alberto De Girolamo

    Erm...GTX 1060 anyone???

  • Chewie

    Can you give us some benchmarks? RX 560 (896) vs RX 560 (1024) Can't seem to find a video comparing this two. I know it is the same as the RX 460, but we need to see the performance.

  • Razor MAN

    What's the point?!?! Who looked at the RX 560 and thought that it ($130) was too expensive? Also, $5 more for 128 cores? Bring it on!

  • Icreaka

    All RX560s are equal, but some are more equal than others ;)

  • Partha Mallick

    msi rx 560 does only have 1 version and that too of polaris 21 without extra 6 pin power connector.

  • Ryler37

    In my country RX 560 869 SP até 20$ Bucks Cheaper then 1024 SP And GTX 1050 is 23$ more than The last one

  • The Jassi-fricka-nation

    AMD, I've been super annoyed with all of Nvidia naming the last three Titan X's just whatever and the GTX 1060 being different from the GTX 1060. Also Intel naming anything with 2 to 6 cores an i7. This is worse. DON'T BE WORSE.

  • Johnny Bond

    Just to be sure buy a RX 560 that uses the 6 pin cable power

  • esperCELL

    just stop buying the rx560we as consumer need to let these companies know that we wont tolerate such shit shady practices

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